How it works

How It Works

A simple tool for a simple problem

Web Based Application

You set how often you want to connect, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We match the users for a connection and send them both an email. Once they have the connection they provide feedback.  This feedback can help determine the engagement of the team.

Email sent

An email is sent to the connected users with content that helps foster a discussion.

Make the connection

The individuals connect via phone, teleconference or any other method

Provide Feedback

Once the team members have connected they provide feedback with an individual link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for my team?

Give it a try for our 14 day free trial! If it doesn’t work for you we will understand but what do you have to lose?

Why do I need a tool to help me connect?

When we started working remote we found that we would only pick up the phone when it was project related. The call was quick and efficient but the connection was lost. We found we only communicated inside of our team and some members (mostly our accountant) felt left out.

Who gets connected?

Everyone! Our goal is to connect each team member to have a personal discussion and maybe some business. As a leader it becomes difficult to stay in touch with customer needs and build a culture. We hope to break down hierarchy to connect leaders directly with the team.

How do I measure engagement?

Are the meetings happening? What is the user feedback on the meetings? We can show you the statistics but what really matters is how your culture grows by using our tool.